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Aaron-Beach Productions has been elected to SNAPDJS board

As of 2-24-2014, Aaron-Beach Productions has been elected as secretary of the board for SNAPDJS. SNAPDJS is a local chapter were DJs all over southern New England meet once a month to discuss ways to enhance and create a learning environment allowing our DJ operations to stay current with all of today's latest trends. The group brings in various speakers and guests who are leaders in their industry who graciously pass on the knowledge that has made them successful and the keys to ensure we can provide our customers superior services.

Many of us have known each other for more than 20 years, so we not only peers in our field, but also personal friends who back each other when help is needed. Often we are asked; "Aren't you competitors to each other?", well of course the answer is yes, but in the scheme of things, there is SO much work that there is a certain equilibrium that allows everyone to be successful without having to step on each others toes.

We are very excited to be part of the board and hope that we can make a lot of positive changes to serve the group well.

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