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Here are some helpful links for wedding specialty songs for wedding reception dance formalities. Since our song catalog is consistently changing and being updated, we know that people's taste and vision of how their wedding events should be are also always changing. Our goal is to try and keep our song selection suggestions updated to the latest trends based on our previous clients experiences while also maintaining many of the classics that most know and love. We have compiled several lists for many of the specialty dances that are common at most wedding events. If you need some inspiration or want to reminisce about songs that are timeless, we hope that our song suggestions help you select songs that you know and love.

Don't forget that when you log into your ABP online account, you can search through our entire database of songs that we carry at all our events. You can also build your reception play list for the "must play" and also the "do not play" suggestions. 

Here are the direct links to the formality song suggestions or you may use the left menus: