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Welcome to our Aaron-Beach Productions Blog. We try not to overload our blog area with posts that are not relevant to our operation. We strive to only publish high quality information and/or important posts that corresponds to relevant events at the time of the post. You are free to comment at any time and we encourage you to do so!

We try to keep blogging to minimum and provide updates that we feel are worthy of public release. We don't want to saturate our previous and future customers with unnecessary information.

What's new for us in 2014 and why it is important to our customers!

As many of you know, we have been retooling many areas of our company. We've been asked: Why has it taken this long? Well there is no real short answer to that, but there is a core reason, an in short it came down a choice; that choice was to remain analog and struggle to find vinyl records of today's current music or make a transition. As we reflect on our origins, we've always played vinyl records, 45's, 12", albums, whatever it took to get the job done. We used tape to handle dinner music and filler music for down times. When CD's came on the scene, their mixing ability was something I really didn't care much for, and quite honestly, was resistant to want to change.

Fast forward to 3 years ago, I was shown the way of digital controllers that act and feel just like the tried and true record players we've used for decades before. This essentially allowed us to "jump over" the entire CD generation of music and move right to digital music. By doing this, we essentially removed the chains of burden to try and keep up with the markets demand for new music which in most cases have not been pressed on any kind of vinyl.

Why is this important to our customers? The short answer is: sheer number of song titles and genres that we can provide at any given event! For comparison, the vinyl days using four steel crates with dual chambers permitted us to bring around 5000 tracks between 12", 45's, CD's and cassettes to any given event. Over the years of being in business, we had to rotate out music and archive it because there was just no need to try and carry vinyl that we knew we'd never play, it was just wasted manpower to try and bring those to a job.

Using today's digital formats; we have a currently indexed database of music that has surpassed over 85000 songs. This gives us a wide range of choices for our customers to choose from. Our catalog starts at 1929 and spans to today's hottest tracks you hear on the radio.

Where have we been for the last 10 years? Most ask us why we've been dormant for so long, the answer is, really we haven't, we've been operating silently supporting many of our word of mouth and returning customers, many of which have been doing business with us for over 15 years. I made the decision to build the website and remarket the company now that we have the proper tools and equipment to continue to provide top tier services that we've done all along without having to worry about being able to provide the music that people want to hear.

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New Site Features and Services

Hello Everyone, 

I've have retooled a lot of areas of the site to ease the process of getting pricing and adding general contact information through automation. We have found that lot of customers want something simple and quick while being self guiding to the basic information.

So what we have done is created two separate sections, one for direct contacting and event selection, and the other that will build real time price quotes of all the services that we provide.

Clear here for the contact us inquiry tools:

Event Package Types

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Wedding and booking dates for 2014

We are starting to get many inquires for the 2014 wedding season. We recommend that you give us a call and setup your date to ensure we can be there to service your special day!

We look forward to serving you.

Best Regards,

Chris Bertrand


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Have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday

Aaron-Beach Productions would like to say have a safe and happy 4th of July.

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Improved lighting for our customers

We have complete torn down our lighting all the way down to the nuts and bolts. We are moving to a complete DMX solution to control the entire lighting system from Freestyler. This includes 7 DP-415 dimmer packs retrofitted to control all the existing lamps/pars and many new additions like movers/lasers/gobo projection...I'll post up some video as soon as it is ready!

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