Bar-Bat Mitzvah events are one of the most exciting events to provide entertainment for, there is soRI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys bar bat mitzvah ceremony much positive energy in the air and people are just so excited to celebrate. We understand that over the years, 3 types of Bar-Bat Mitzvahs have evolved:

  • Traditional

  • Less traditional

  • No tradition at all

ABP can accommodate the type of Bar-Bat Mitzvah that meets your requirements. We will make your celebration a time to remember by satisfying all of your needs and requests.

Bar-Bat Mitzvahs Details

Contact Us About Your Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Event and we respond by email or give us a call at 401-727-4514. 

The key to a successful Bat/Bar Mitzvah is to ensure all of the finer details of the event are properly handledABP can handle all the ceremony requirements including:

  • Hors d'oeuvre-Cocktails

  • Family introductions (if requested or family member introduction) RI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys bar bat mitzvah hora dance

  • Ha Motzi Blessing over bread and wine

  • Candle lighting

  • Toast

  • Lunch-Dinner

  • Dancing

  • Mother-Son dance

  • Father-Daugher dance

  • Hora

  • Last Dance

It is important for your DJ to provide the necessary equipment and lighting effects that the kids will love while also being able to provide elegant room atmosphere coupled with crisp and loud sound! We handle all of ceremony aspects by providing the following at every event: 

  • Industrial grade High Power Audio, Dance Floor Lighting / Effects, and Multimedia / Video

  • Professional emcee

  • Wireless microphone for announcements and awards RI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys bar bat mitzvah kids dancing

  • Industrial lighting systems

  • Complete focus on the guest of honor's wants and needs

  • Request sheets on all the tables for all party guests

  • Professional attire

  • Provision of gifts-prizes-giveaways upon request (see below)

  • Glow sticks and necklaces

We take care of all the necessary details for the ceremonies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. You may also elect to do the introductions and special announcements if you feel it provides a more personal touch (by your request). We are extremely flexible and provide you with all the tools needed, we can also work by your side, or take over if needed. We realize it is a delicate balance to try to keep the kids entertained and get through the formalities of the event, we have the skills and experience to make keep everyone happy and entertained.

We are ready to field multiple song requests from multiple guests and kids simultaneously and filter the content for age appropriateness and content. We are always friendly and approachable because that is what these parties are all about! We play lots of games that entertains the kids and encourage adult group participation:

  • Coke and Pepsi

  • Twist content

  • Limbo contest RI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys bar bat mitzvah musical chairs

  • Dance-Freeze contest

  • Hula hoop contest (if provided by host)

  • Tug-o-war

  • Musical chairs

  • Balloon Stomp

  • Intelligent lighting spot elimination

  • Huggy bear

  • Balloon pass 

It is top priority to ensure we are creating a fun and exciting atmosphere while controlling the music volume levels to ensure everyone has a great time. Our MC skills keep the kids and adults engaged on the guest of honor making them the star of the show and giving them the feeling that they are the most important person in the world!

We offer two pricing structures that allows you to provide your own specialized gifts or have ABP purchase the gifts for the event. Typical gifts-prizes-giveaways ABP would provide are: 

  • Inflatable air guitars, horns, microphonesRI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys bar bat mitzvah inflatable gifts

  • Inflatable balloons

  • Kazoos

  • Top hats

  • Sunglasses

  • Noise makers

  • Beach balls

  • Hula hoops

  • Foam hands

  • Head stars

You may also elect to have ABP purchase specialized gifts based your preferences and provide them for the event.

We provide on-site full consultation at your home before the event. We will ensure that we fully understand all of your ceremonial and music requirements for the event.

Our prices include setup and breakdown including travel up to 50 miles from the Providence RI area.