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Wedding Event Planning

We are often asked when we meet with our clients about song selections. We have learned over the years that while we have done many events and could suggest many songs, we have found that it has always been better to let our client pick and choose the songs that most connect their lives and experiences to choose the songs that fit our clients' needs. 

From the links below, you will find a lot of information to assist any bride and groom simplify the specialty song selection process and venue selection. We know there are so many choices to make and sometimes it helps to have a simple selection guide to reduce some of the stress. Our experience has found that we can help tailor your event by supplying some helpful information by providing music, venue, and event flow selections.

Click on the links below to provide help for the following:

We will continually build and update this section to provide as much information possible to ensure you have all the tools you need to have your wedding event flow smoothly.