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Why don't we Blog more?

As the holidays approach and business continues to pick up, we've been asked directly, "Why don't you blog more?" (Notice the last entry is from February!). The answer is pretty simple, as the owner of the company, I find that a continual stream of my "thoughts" or reciting trivial facts/figures do not convert to event sales. While other DJs may disagree with this notion, everything that can be said is already written into the passages of the entire website via text, images, video, and price building components.

I've never been told on the phone or by any other media method that we've been contacted/contracted because of something inspiring that was written on our website blog or social media platforms. 

Keep in mind, I realize that the social channels are very important to stay in focus and capture various demographics, but we also have a very powerful word of mouth list that keeps us as busy as we need to be.

Many times I find myself more gratified providing pictures and video of the events that we perform at than trying to jump up and down on our blog trying to grab attention or repost what is already written on many other websites that recite all the same type of information. These types of things will have little impact to the decision making process to provide events services to any potential client.

As a company, we realize that it is critical that we remain current to the times and relevant to the current trends to ensure we continue to provide top tier services to our customers. We will always strive to grow and continue to provide outstanding service to clients past, present, and future.

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